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Hurting Each Other

9 thoughts on “ Hurting Each Other

  1. Brazshura says:
    21 hours ago · Without MASS MoCA, Tanglewood And Other Attractions, Berkshires' Arts Tourism Is Hurting X. So we have to support each other, you know?”.
  2. Goltijind says:
    This couple's story resonated with a recent email I received: Dr. David. My wife complains that I am the sole cause of her problems. She struggles from depression, and blames it entirely on me.
  3. Bagrel says:
    Couples hurt each other during conflict because they inadvertently confirm each other’s painful self-beliefs. Their conflicts get worse because they react without thinking to the hurtful feelings that come up when their self-belief buttons get pushed.
  4. Dibei says:
    Each time we lash out with aggressive words and actions, we are strengthening the toad pool. And, the internal scoreboard can start to look like Anger 10, Patience 2. In the game of life, we can become easily irritated by the reactions of others.
  5. Mesar says:
    The weight in their thoughts. Everyone has a story of pain. Some more gruesome than others. I have been studying how pain changes people. And behind every depressed person, behind every incurable arsehole, behind every withdrawn person, behind every smiling person, lurks pain. The question remains, why do we hurt each other as human beings?
  6. Mikagrel says:
    Mar 11,  · Are You and Your Partner Hurting Each Other? In close relationships, we are very sensitive to each other's energy. Closed, protective, controlling energy -- energy that is harsh, dismissive, defensive, resistant, shut down, judgmental, blaming or angry creates a disconnection between partners. So does complaining and being a victim.
  7. Yojora says:
    5 thoughts on “When Siblings Hurt Each Other” Maygen says: December 27, at pm Would appreciate consideration for multiples, unlike the hierarchy of regular sib relationships. The Attached Family says: December 27, at pm That is a great idea for .
  8. Yozshuhn says:
    The Carpenters "Hurting Each Other": No one in the world Ever had a love as sweet as my love For nowhere in the wolrd Could there be a bo.
  9. Tojakinos says:
    We all want to matter—to be important to other people. But putting yourself out there is hard, and scary. Scary because every time you tell someone you like them, you’ve given them a chance to say “Well, I don’t like you.” The emotional coward’s w.

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